I’ve got a beef with chicken jerky

I’ve got a beef with chicken jerky
This summer more shocking news flooded in that seemingly innocent dog treats were causing more harm than happiness. Complaints surfaced from pet owners with reason to believe their pets died shortly after eating certain brands of chicken jerky. These new cases added to over two thousand illnesses and deaths that had previously been reported.
So what’s the jury on this jerky? Speculations have been made about the treats’ origin. The product in question, Nestle Purina’s Waggin’ Train Yam Good, is made in China despite misleading packaging that reads, “Waggin’ Train of St Louis Missouri.”
An April investigation by the FDA, which attempted to produce samples from plants in China, was less than successful. No samples were permitted to be released for U.S. testing and it was also discovered by investigators that the number of previous routine tests that were conducted on the meat in question ranged from few to none.
But this news is far from new. The first warning about chicken jerky was released back in 2007. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration released a caution to pet owners in regard to chicken jerky products imported from China. That warning has since been updated in late 2011 and can be reviewed here. However, no proof has yet to be established that these sicknesses and deaths are directly related to the consumption of chicken jerky from China, which is why the treats can still be found on shelves.
Aside from the fact that the U.S. permits pet food to be irradiated at almost twice the limit considered safe for human consumption, this particular case is more likely related to the meat and other specific ingredients that are found in the chicken jerky.
Since the product has yet to be recalled it up to you to protect your pets. We recommended avoiding chicken jerky until further information is provided explaining the exact cause of these unnatural deaths. Many safe alternatives are available, as well as more natural options.
Check back next week for more information on this issue as well as recommendations on some of our most loved dog treats.

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