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What Are We Feeding Our Pets?

Do You Realize What Harmful Ingredients Are In A Popular Dog Food Brand? 


I used to feed my dogs Iams food. Thirty years ago when I first started training dogs, Iams and Eukanuba were considered  very good dog food .  Did you know that Iams and Eukanuba yep, Proctor and gamble. Back then I was training dogs for an organization called  Bad Dogs Inc. The owner Bob Moorefield, was a big believer in good nutrition.  Bob also  feeding a good food meant cleaning up less waste.

Over the years the formula for both Iams and Eukenuba has changed. I know that I don’t know everything there is to know about dog food but I do know enough that I no longer put  Iams no longer  on my list of good dog foods.

Both Iams and Eukanuba contain Ethoxyquin. Ethoxyquin is a fat preservative used in some dog foods that is controversial. Some of these fears are linked with the product also being used as a pesticide and in making rubber. Most experts agree that when use properly the  additive is not toxic. For this reason after repeated investigations the United States FDA has ruled the additive may be safely used in animal feeds when used according to regulations.


Read more about Ethoxyguin later …


ameilia thank you note

The Best Pet Sitter in Gwinnett County!

Last Friday one of my sitters was having car trouble so I had to fill in. This was not a planned vacation so it gives me an excellent opportunity to check in and see how my sitters are treating our clients.
At one home I found a note thanking Amelia taking the time to pick up a little as she was washing the pets bowls. At another house the client came home while I was still walking their dogs so I had a chance to visit the owners. They could not say enough about how wonderful Amelia is. The praises range from her wonderful text messages, neighbors seeing how happy the pets are when being walked , and the fact the owner know the pets love her!
I am not saying that it is easy to find good people, but it sure is easy to recognize good people when you find them. A very special that a girl to Amelia, obviously you are going above and beyond to take care of our clients. Thank you for all you do every day!

amelia and her jack

If you live in the Lawrenceville, Buford, Sugar Hill, or Suwannee area and would like to have Amelia take care your pet(s) give me a call 404-819-3641 and we will set up a free consultation.

snow jam 2014

Snow Storm 2014

What a crazy day at Gwinnett Pet Watchers. We all knew that the snow was coming, but I don’t think any of us had any idea that everyone was going to head home at the same time. This caused absolute gridlock in the city of Atlanta Georgia.

Gwinnett pet watchers is a pet sitting company that covers Gwinnett County. Gwinnett County is a northern suburb of Atlanta. Most of our clients do not work here in Gwinnett, but work inside the perimeter.

Around 1 o’clock on January 28, 2014; my phone started ringing off the hook. Many of my clients were tied up in the traffic trying to get home; and they were worried about their pets. The roads in Lawrenceville, Buford, Dacula, Lilburn and Snellville were just fine. The biggest problem we were running into was the traffic around schools where parents were picking up their children.

We have four sitters that cover Gwinnett County. So we split the clients up and  used our knowledge of back roads to  stay away from all schools. We were able to get all  of our clients home and take care of their  four legged kids. Everyone  got out to use the bathroom. We gave them  fresh water and food and got them settle down to wait for their parents to come home.

Yet another good reason to have a relationship with a pet sitter. You never know when an emergency will strike and you will need help with your fuzzy little friends.

A Trip to the Vet

Jake split one of his nails playing fetch over the weekend. I took it to the vet this morning to have the nail cut back and see if he needed any antibiotics. You know these crazy people with their pets who are so overprotective that they actually make the dog nervous and obnoxious, oh my God I am That pet owner!!
When the vet tech came in I explained that and Jake is very skittish and i was concerned that he might nip if he was frightened. I proceeded to put a box muzzle on him to protect him from himself. She then put a leash on him and was going to walk him to the back room to get weighed and get is now clipped. As she was leading him through the door he put on his brakes and looked at me with those big brown eyes. I told her he might not go with her and that I probably should walk with them. She looked at me with the same look I give my clients and said trust me as soon as that door is closed and he can’t see you I will have better control of him.
A few minutes later they came back in. She had the muzzle in her hand and Jake was wagging his tail. she said he had been perfect. He had let them cut his nails and got his rabies shot. She said he was a perfect gentleman not a whiner and did everything they asked him to.
It’s funny how I know all this stuff and put it into practice daily, but when it comes to my pets I turn into “That” pet owner.  I really could be one of my own clients.

puppy mill dog

New York Governor Signs Puppy Mill Regulation Bill

What a great victory for animal rights.

I don’t know if you have walked through any of our shelters lately, they are overflowing with pets who need homes. I hear the well meaning message from  rescue groups “don’t buy a puppy until all animals  in our shelters have homes.” While this is well meant it doesn’t address the root of the problem. We must put  puppy mills and backyard breeders out of business or  we will continue to fight a losing battle against the overpopulation in our shelters.

Many of you who know me know I think less government is better. However government should stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. That would include the elderly, children, and animals.

Obviously the laws that we have on the books right now either are not being implemented or just don’t work. It is time to make some changes. Good job New York, the state of Georgia could take a list lesson on this one.

Another Great WalMart Find

On the same day I found the Grandma’s Casserole, I decide to look up another dog food that had peaked my interest that is kept in a colder.  Freshpet Selects slice and serve.  Looking at the package makes one think this would be a very helpful dog food, but as we all know packaging can be very deceiving, otherwise I would be feeding my dogs Beneful  with all the pictures of vegetables and fresh meat on the package.

However when I did my research on Freshpet Select I was very pleasantly surprised as it gets a five star rating! And you can buy it in most grocery stores!!

This product comes in a roll, I take it and stuff my dogs Kong’s and that is how I now serve them there dinner.  Not only do the dogs love this new twist at dinner time, it takes them a while to eat it, so I get a few min to unwind or in most cases fix my two legged family their dinner.

We give Freshpet Selects Four Paws Up!   Let us know if your dog likes it as much as ours.

Keep your puppy safe and happy!

Your Puppy and their Pet Sitter



Well it is definitely that time of year where people have gotten puppies for Christmas presents. They are totally adorable bundles of fur and love.  You took the time to pick the perfect puppy that will fit in with your family. You have spent days coming up with unique name for this wonderful new arrival. Now the real work starts. While the puppy is young it is the perfect time to instill the rules of the house to ensure a lifelong loving happy relationship.


The phones at Gwinnett Pet Watchers are ringing off the hook. New and existing clients are calling to get our help in raising their new puppy’s. This is one of our favorite times of the year. After all we get all the snuggles all the puppy breath without ever getting our shoes chewed on.

We have a special product called a potty break. We offer this service for all of Lawrenceville, Buford, Dacula ,Sugar Hill and Suwannee . We also offer this service to most of Loganville, Grayson and Snellville. We added the potty break to our line’s of  services when we realized there were a lot of people in Gwinnett County that are away from home for long periods of time Monday through Fridaybecause of their long commute to work . The potty break is ideal for the dog whose owner is at home in the morning, and in the evening to walk and give it plenty of attention. What we do is come in the middle of the day and get the pup to outside for a bathroom break.

People with new puppies use this service a little differently. Many will have us come in at 10 or 10:30 AM for the first break and then come back around 2 or 2:30 PM for the second break. With this schedule the puppy is only in its crate for 3 to 4 hours in between breaks. The client pays $10 per visit and in this example $20 per day. A price that is well worth the jumpstart to house training.


When the puppy gets to be about eight months old (like children each puppy develops at a different rate) we can usually move to one 30 minute walk. This gets the puppy out of its crate for a nice walk to get some exercise and to expel some energy. This  makes for a much happier experience for the owners when they come home from a long day at the office.

Call us today 404-819-3641 to  set up your free consultation. We can come up with the perfect plan for you and your new puppy.

Home Safty and Your Pet Sitter

With cold temps clients water pipe burst.

With cold temps clients water pipe burst.


Yesterday while the temperatures were in the single digits and wind chills were even lower our crew was out visiting our four legged clients.

Amelia was making her rounds in Sugar Hill Georgia, when she made a stop to give a couple dogs who are crated a potty break. When she walked into the house she found that a pipe had burst in the ceiling and that part of the ceiling had collapsed on one of the dog crates. The poor dog was sitting in a puddle of water with water pouring down from the ceiling.

Amelia went into action; she got the dog out of the crate into a safe area. While she was doing that I was contacting the homeowner to find out where the main shutoff for her water was located. I then relayed that information to Amelia and she was able to shut the water off and stop any more damage.

Just another good reason to have a pet sitter/dog walker coming by daily to take care of your pets. If Amelia had not come by the water would’ve continued until the home owner made it home around 6 o’clock. Because we were there to give the pups a potty break we caught the problem at 1:30 PM.

Kudos to Amelia for doing a great job . Amelia  did everything right, taking care of the dogs, making sure they were safe first. Contacting the office so we could contact the owner to gain the information we need to protect our clients home .


Saying goodbye

About two weeks ago I got a call from a client who has two dogs and two cats that I have taken care of for several years. One dog is an older Doberman with a large inoperable tumor on his chest.
When I answered the phone the owner told me she had some bad news. I thought that Rocko the Doberman had passed away. But then the owner said, “it wasn’t Rocko, it was Rusty.”
It has taken me two weeks to even be able to write about it. Rusty was a very special boy. He was a rescue so we don’t know his entire story. He was a very shy boy. When I first started taking care of him, I would put his dinner down then leave the room and go love on the kitties, because if I was anywhere around he would worry and not eat. I remember how happy I was the first time he let me pet him. And then there was the day he let me give him a belly rub, I think I liked that belly rub as much as he did.
Rusty was all ways a finicky eater, but over the last six months it had gotten worse. When the Vet diagnosed him with cancer he only lasted two weeks.
I love them all but some time there is the one who worms their way into your hart. I love you Rusty and will miss you. My hart and prayers go out to your family. It helps to know that we will all see each other again on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

Rabbit Hill Park

Gwinnett County Parks: Rabbit Hill Park

400 Rabbit Hill Road, Dacula 30019

Near downtown Dacula, you will find Rabbit Hill Park. The 107-acre park has a special fenced in area just for dogs, which is a relatively new addition. The Dacula Dog Park includes areas for small, medium and large dogs to play with their peers and enjoy a fun filled day outdoors.

Each area includes recreational equipment for the animals and dog water fountains. You will find that most of the animals here are social and well behaved. Dacula is a great community in Gwinnett County and parents here are friendly and respectful. Rabbit Hill Park is a great all-around family park for grownups, kids and pets alike.