Our Services

We offer a wide range of affordable services to cater to your needs.  You can mix and match to make the perfect schedule for you and your pet(s). Because our pricing model is based on the time commitment it takes to bring you exceptional service.
Note:  We do not charge additional fees for multiple pets or  services like scooping litter boxes, giving medication, and cleaning up accidents.

Dog Walks & Exercise
Daily 30 minute visit: $20
Daily 60 minute visit: $28

This is a great service for those who work long hours or just don’t have the time to give their pet the exercise they need to be healthy and well behaved. A tired dog is a well-behaved dog!  On our walks we will work on their obedience and give them both a physical and mental challenge. You can schedule as many walks as you would like or just have us come by a couple of times a week.  We guarantee your dog will love you for it!

Dog Sitting
30 minute visit: $20
60 minute visit: $30

Minimum of two visits a day are required for all dogs (this does not include day of departure of day of arrival back home), but feel free to add as many visits as your dog needs.  You can even mix and match (i.e. have a 60 minute visit in the morning and a 30 minute visit at night).

All Visits Include:Feeding and giving fresh water (food/water bowls washed daily), giving medications, spending time playing games and/or going for a walk. We will bring in the mail and any packages, rotate light , put trash our for pick up, water plants and other little things to keep you home looking lived in and tidy.We will make sure they go potty and have plenty of love and affection.  We will send a short text message or phone call to let you know how your pets are doing each day.

Cat, Bird, Fish, or Reptile Sitting
30 minute visit: $20
60 minute visit: $30

All Visits Include:  Feeding and giving fresh water, scooping litter boxes, cleaning cages, and following other instructions with plenty of time for love and games.

We will bring in the mail and any packages, rotate light , put trash our for pick up, water plants and other little things to keep you home looking lived in and tidy.

Not every animal needs daily care and we understand that.  Please note, however, that we cannot be held responsible for anything that happens to a pet on days that we do not visit.

Potty Breaks $15
Available from 11:30 am – 2:30 pm. This service is perfect for a mid-day break while you are at work or traveling .  We get your pets out to do their business in the yard or short walk.We will check and refresh their water.

Drop-in Visit $15
A short visit for cats only.  Available any time.  Visit includes scooping litter box, washing and refilling of water and food dishes.  This visit also helps to keep your home looking lived-in and tidy.  Plus it adds an extra bonus of being a burglary/theft deterrent.

Overnight Pet Sitting
12 hours guaranteed: $85

Many pets are not used to being home alone at night and with our overnight stays, we try to emulate your workday.  We will stay at your house from 7 pm until 7 am the next morning.  Once we arrive you can rest assured that your pets will be fed, walked, and played with.  They can sit with us and be loved on just like when you are at home with them.  If they are allowed to sleep in bed with you, they can sleep with us.   Not only does this keep your pets in their own environment and schedule, it is a good theft deterrent!

Overnight Platinum Stay  $125
For pets that are used to being around people and/or people who prefer additional attention to their homes while out of town, the Overnight Platinum Stays are the solution.  This service goes above and beyond our traditional overnight stay.  A well-trained GPW team member will move in to your house on a 24-hour basis while you are away.  This service is perfect for people who work from home or are retired; have pets that are young, old, or medically fragile and need extra attention. This service allows you to rest easy knowing your pets and your home are being safely watched in your absence.




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