The hottest new trend in dog training…there’s an app for that!

Still having trouble getting your dog to sit, stay, or down? Well, the answer is in your pocket. Just take out your phone and download an app that will walk you through the training process. 2014 will be the year when pet training apps blow up. They’ll have an answer for all of those unexpected issues, like say when you’re at the dog park and your dog just won’t stop humping the other dogs, or won’t come back to you because he doesn’t want to leave yet. I expect they will also feature emergency information such as how to administer first aid or where to find the closest 24 hour veterinarian. Some of the apps that I have looked at for our canine friends are Dog Park by, Pet MD Dog’s First Aid, Puppy House Training, The Dog Whistler App, Clicker Training, and The Dog Translator.  Some of these apps are really neat and I highly recommend them!  I have tried some of these apps with my clients at Gwinnett Pet Watchers and have really enjoyed them.

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