Spring is here! Time for flea and tick prevention

Now that spring has arrived, it is time to break out the flea and tick prevention before infestations in your pet occur.  Personally, I do not like to over medicate my animals, so during winter months when fleas are less prevalent, I hold off on using prevention.  Now that the weather is getting warmer, these pesty bugs will be back uninvited.  Using flea and tick prevention will keep your pet healthy and they will not pick up tape worms or get flea bites, which leads to miserable itching.  Ticks can also can cause some nasty and even fatal diseases, so a combination  prevention is very important.  They also have medicines that repel mosquitoes.  If you live in wooded areas or near water, this could be beneficial to have for your pet.  The best medications are found at your vet’s office.  I tend to stay away from the brands that are sold at retailers such as Wal-Mart or grocery chains.  Some of these medicines have been documented to be harmful to pets and I would not recommend them or use them on my personal pets.

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