Life of a Puppy Mill Dog

You are in the mall and pass by a store with adorable puppy faces in the windows.  You can’t resist walking in and looking at all of the adorable pups, wagging their tails and bodies as you peer in at them.  There are all kinds: yorkies, malteses, havanese, chihuahuas, even english bulldogs, and they are all irresistible!  My best advice to you-walk away!  Behind these puppies precious little faces, are lives of horror and abuse for their mothers and fathers.  They are cage ridden for all of their lives and are used for breeding machines and never see the daylight or get to frolic in the grass, like a normal dog would.  They live in their own feces and stand on wire cages, where their feet are raw, bloody, and deformed from having no bedding to lay upon.  They don’t receive proper grooming, time, or attention and are simply looked at as a dollar sign.  Although their puppies may appear healthy and normal, they grow up to have behavioral and health problems that you will not see until you are attached.  They often loose their teeth at a very young age and spin in circles from being in such close quarters of a cage for too long.  Please choose to adopt from a rescue or buy from a reputable breeder that you research.  Until we stop supporting puppy mills, they will continue to thrive and animals will continue to suffer in that harsh lifestyle.

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