I’ve Got A Beef With Chicken Jerkey Part II

Chicken Jerky Alternatives
Last week I brought you information about the growing concern of feeding your pets chicken jerky made in China. This “treat” has been linked to over two thousand illnesses and deaths of both dogs and cats. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been warning of the possible danger of chicken jerky made in China since 2007, yet it can still be found on store shelves.
(Review the U.S. Food and Drug Adminstration consumer advisory here.)
As a follow up to my last post, this week I bring you recommendations on some of my most loved dog treats. There are many alternatives to chicken jerky and other pet treats made in China. Here a few of my favorites:
• Beef neck bones: You can find these in the meat section at Publix or your local grocery store. Ask the butcher about purchasing beef neck bones to be used as dog treats. For my dogs, I request they be cut two to two and a half inches thick and usually buy a whole case at a time. This is a very fresh, natural and easy way to provide your dog with a delicious treat. The bones should never be cooked, as that can cause them to become brittle, just pop them in the freezer and take out as needed.
• Kongs: A kong is a great treat and toy for your dog, especially those with tons of energy! Fill and freeze for long lasting entertainment. I personally like to make mine with yogurt or peanut butter, but the possibilities are endless.
• Kona’s Chips: If homemade dog treats don’t fit into your busy schedule, there are also excellent store bought choices. Kona’s Chips is a great brand that offers a variety of different treats that are made in America (my dog Suzy is a big fan of their Chicken Jerky).
• Three Dog Bakery: The “Woof”ers from Three Dog Bakery are always a big hit, but I don’t give them out as often as the others. Although their ingredients are very wholesome and natural, these cookies do contain wheat, which I try to avoid.
I hope you enjoy my suggestions. If you have any questions or other recommendations, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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