Border Collies

The border collie is a highly intelligent breed that just happens to be a favorite of Robin, here at Gwinnett Pet Watchers.  They are definitely not for the lazy owner, and require considerable daily exercise and mental stimulation.  They are a working breed used for herding livestock and to be a house pet, definitely require entertainment.  They can become neurotic in households that do not provide them with enough exercise.  They are infamous for chewing on furniture, digging holes, and their herding behavior with other animals or children in the household may be unsuitable for an inactive household.  With plenty of activities and a creative owner, they are wonderful and loyal dogs.  There are many rescues for the breed and can be a wonderful rescue pet.  They have beautiful coats that come in many different colors.  They do shed, and regular brushing is recommended.  Border collies have an average lifespan of twelve years.  Some of the common health problems that affect the breed are epilepsy, hip dysplasia, eye problems, and hearing loss.  Robin loves to take her pack hiking in the woods, to the lake, and plays various activities with them.  They love to play ball, do treat puzzles, and love the companionship of each other as well.

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