All about Poodles

Thinking about getting a new dog?  Maybe a poodle is right for you?  Poodles come in three different sizes: toy, miniature, and standard.  There is a size for everyone!  Poodles originated in Germany, contrary to popular belief that they are French.  The breed was designed for water retrieving and the original poodle clip was to enhance the dog’s efficiency for movement in the water.  Poodles are active, alert, and a highly responsive family dog.  They are very intelligent and easily trained and are good with other pets and children.  They do not accept strangers and bark when they see them, so they make excellent guard dogs.  Poodles are hypoallergenic and shed little to no hair.  Their coat requires daily maintenance of brushing and they do need regular grooming.  Poodles are generally a healthy breed and are long living with few health problems.  They are prone to epilepsy, hip dysplasia, thyroid issues, heart problems, and ear infections.  We pet sit for many poodles at Gwinnett Pet Watchers.  I, personally, love walking them.  They are very stoic and graceful when they walk.  They are very protective and will bark and act aloof when approached by someone they do not know.  They come in many different colors and look absolutely beautiful when they are groomed.

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